OSDM Intros by Roy/SAC

OSDM (Oldskool Demo Maker) Productions by Roy/SAC and More

Here is a list of oldskool crack intros, intros to promote RoySAC.com and multi-part demo productions that I created with the great and fun tool called Oldskool Demo Maker, which was written by Peace of Testaware, with some help of "Bobo". OSDM is based on the FXLib Effects Library for Pure Basic written by Epyx.

I also added some personal comments and background information to each intro and demo production.

In addition to that you are able to find links to download the original Win32 executable(s), the video capture of each intro in AVI format (XVID/MP3) and links to watch the captured videos online for each one of them. I hope you will enjoy them watching as much as I enjoyed creating them.

As another bonus I added a link to download the tune that I used (mostly in .XM, Fasttracker 2 or Protracker .MOD format) for each release to its "Goddies" section where you can also find the links to download the .EXE and the video capture in .AVI format.

If you are already an OSDM user or want to start using it, I recommend checking out the OSDM Resources section further down below, which you will probably find very helpful to find some raw material for your own OSDM intro productions.

If you don't want to check all of my releases one by one, then I also have something for you. I release frequently so-called "Megatro" packs, which contain all of my latest OSDM releases that I published up to that point, conveniently packaged in a single ZIP/RAR archive and interactive multi-media menu system. Download those and you have covert most of my releases all at once, except for the most recent productions, which I am going to release eventualy in another "Megatro" pack at some time in the near future.

OSDM Productions Exe Packs February, 2011
I created two packages with all the executables of my OSDM productions until February 2011 (you can download individual releases at the detail page for each production). One package contains the windowed versions and the other one the full-screen versions of my productions. Few of my releases are not available in full-screen mode, also some full-screen releases are not available in windowed mode, but those are rare exceptions. Typically there is a full-screen and windowed version available of all my major OSDM demo and intro releases. Here are the download links for the packages.

02/2011 Fullscreen (68 MB/105 Prods) and 02/2011 Windowed (64 MB/106 Prods)

Note: My OSDM Productions are NOT official Superior Art Creations releases. They are only personal releases by myself, Roy/SAC. I always have the "SAC" in my username for over 15 years and I won't change that now. That's why you see "SAC" in my OSDM productions. Nothing more, nothing less.


Table of Contents

  1. OSDM Section Home & Additional OSDM Resources
  2. List of My Demo and Intro Productions
  3. Additional OSDM Info
  4. OSDM (Oldskool Demomaker) 3D Object Tool (VOBJ-TOOL)
  5. Other OSDM (Oldskool Demomaker) Tools and Data Collections
  6. OSDM (Oldskool Demomaker) Related Resources

The Intros and Demos - Table of Contents

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Special Releases

  1. Megatro VII Intro Pack 2011-14
  2. Megatro VI Intro Pack 2010
  3. Megatro V Intro Pack 2010
  4. Megatro IV Intro Pack 2010
  5. Megatro III Intro Pack 2010
  6. Megatro II Intro Pack 2010
  7. Megatro I Intro Pack 2009

Note: Behind each production is an indicator in which Megatro release
the production was published. Links in RED indicate demo productions,
where I got the most or most severe positive feedback,
favorites or "top rated" so to speak.

OSDM Multi-Part Intros/Demos

  1. "Guess Who is Back?" Demo (2013) (VII)
  2. "Mayday" Demo (2011) (VII)
  3. "Paranoia" Demo (2011) (VII)
  4. "Strike Eagle" Demo (2010) (VII)
  5. "Warbird" Demo (2010) (VII)
  6. "Burning Empires" Demo (2010) V1 & V2 (--/VII)
  7. "Brainlinked" Demo (2010) (VII)
  8. "Domination" Demo (2010) (VII)
  9. "Vroom" Demo (2010) (VII)
  10. "Genesis" Demo (2010) (VII)
  11. "Darkness (Oh, U Xee A Moron 2?!)" Demo (2010) (VI)
  12. "It's Summer (Let's go Camping)" Demo (2010) (VI)
  13. "Nu Pagadi (Nu Pogodi)" Demo (2010) (VI)
  14. "Oh Xee A Moron" Demo (2010) (VI)
  15. "Aerodynamics" Demo (2010) (VI)
  16. "War and Peace" Demo (2010) (VI)
  17. "Obtruded" Demo (2010) (VI)
  18. "Paralellohedron" Demo (2010) (VI)
  19. "Flames of Perfection" Demo (2010) (VI)
  20. "Nordlead" (Zeitgeist 2) Demo (2010) (VI)
  21. "Zeitgeist" Demo (2010) (VI)
  22. "Bloody Mary" Demo (2010) (VI)
  23. "Pholygony" Demo (2010) (V)
  24. "Exploration" Demo (2010) (V)
  25. "Revolution" Demo (2010) (V)
  26. "Don't Panic" Demo (2010) (V)
  27. "Doomsday Afternoon" Demo (2010) V1.0 (V) and 2.0 (V)
  28. "Doctrine" Demo (2010) (IV)
  29. "Dynamic Technologies" Demo (2010) (IV)
  30. "Forgotten Memories" Demo (2010) (IV)
  31. "Torussia (Fresno Radbach)" Demo (2010) (IV)
  32. "War" Demo (2010) (IV)
  33. "48 Ways" Demo (2010) (IV)
  34. "Alpha Omega" Demo (2010) (IV)
  35. "Virtual Illusion" Demo (2010) (IV)
  36. "Thanks for OSDM" Demo (2010) (IV)
  37. "Mindgames" Demo (2010) (III)
  38. "What's Up" Demo (2010) (III)
  39. "Longing" Demo (2010) (III)
  40. "Vectormania" Demo (2010) (III)
  41. "Wally Stars" Demo (2010) (III)
  42. "Only 16 Colors" Demo (2010) (III)
  43. "NWO - New World Order (Novus Okdo Seclorum)" Demo (2010) (III) & Enhanced V2.0 (V)
  44. "Dragon Fire" Demo (2010) (II)
  45. "I Want Your Money" Demo (2010) (II)
  46. "Megademo" Demo (2010) (II)
  47. "Scheissfreundlich" Demo (2010) (II/V)
  48. "Smoke and Mirrors" Demo (2010) (II)
  49. "Skull and Bones" Demo (2010) (II/V)
  50. "Oldskool" Demo (2010) (II/V)

Roy/SAC Intros Promoting RoySAC.com

  1. Roy/SAC OSDM Intro 23 (VII)
  2. Roy/SAC OSDM Intro 22 (VII)
  3. Roy/SAC OSDM Intro 21 - "Asterix" (VI)
  4. Roy/SAC OSDM Intro 20 - "Melancolie" (VI)
  5. Roy/SAC OSDM Intro 19 - "Starfall" (II)
  6. Roy/SAC OSDM Intro 18 - "Balls" (II)
  7. Roy/SAC OSDM Intro 17 - "Cross" (II)
  8. Roy/SAC OSDM Intro 16 - "1st 2010" (II)
  9. Roy/SAC OSDM Intro 15 - "Mosaik" Holidays 2009 (I)
  10. Roy/SAC OSDM Intro 14 - "Zini" (I)
  11. RoySAC.com Part for "OSDM New Year 2010" Mega Demo (II)
  12. Roy/SAC OSDM Intro 13 - "ANSItro" (I)
  13. Roy/SAC OSDM Intro 12 - "My Kingdom" (I)
  14. Roy/SAC OSDM Intro 11 - "Shades" (I)
  15. Roy/SAC OSDM Intro 10 - "Blue" (I)
  16. Roy/SAC OSDM Intro 9 - "Milbentro" (Mitetro) (M0 - M7, 8 Intros) (I)
  17. Roy/SAC OSDM Intro 8 - "Lemmings" (I,II)
  18. Roy/SAC OSDM Intro 7 - "VNV" (I)
  19. Roy/SAC OSDM Intro 5 - "Transparency" (I)
  20. Roy/SAC OSDM Intro 4 - "Spiderman" (I) & Version 2011 (VII)
  21. Roy/SAC OSDM Intro 1 / Version 3 / Version 4 (3 Intros) - "Kickin Oldskool" (I)

Roy/SAC Intros for Other Groups

  1. TOaO - The One and Only Cracktro No.5 (VII)
  2. SACTRO #5 and #12 - remakes - from the 5th and 12th art packs (--)
  3. SACTRO #2 1995! - remake - from the 2nd Art Pack 03/1995 (--)
  4. SACTRO #1 - remake - from the first SAC Art Pack 12/1994 (--)
  5. TOaO - The One and Only Cracktro No.4 (VII)
  6. Dytec - Dynamic Technologies Cracktros No.6 & 7 #6 (V) and #7 (V)
  7. Dytec - Dynamic Technologies Cracktros No.2-5 #2 (V), #3 (V), #4 (V) and #5 (V)
  8. TOaO - The One and Only Cracktro No.3 (III)
  9. Giana Sisters Intro (II)
  10. SAC - Sactro Design (II)
  11. TOaO - The One and Only Cracktro No.2 (II)
  12. Legend Amiga Cracktro Remake (--)
  13. TOaO - The One and Only Cracktro (I,II)
  14. Dytec - Dynamic Technologies Intro Remake (I)
  15. Razor 1911 Intro (I)
  16. TRSI - Tristar and Red Sector Inc. Intro (I,II)
  17. RoORS Crack Intro #6 (I)
  18. RoORS Intro 2 (Original) / Intro 3 (Checkerboard) / Intro 4 (World) (3 Intros) (I,III)


Additional OSDM Info

The Oldskool Demo Maker, short OSDM, is freeware and you can download it here

The tool is not very intuitive and not very easy to use at first. Another problem is that the documentation is for the last part written in German language. But there is help available elsewhere. You can find other fans and enthusiasts of OSDM as well as help and tons of useful resources at the OSDM Portal and community forums for OSDM. There you also have the opportunity to show off your latest creations that you did yourself using the tool.

You can also join the OSDM Video group at the social video sharing site Vimeo.com. You can find all my OSDM Intro creations there and also the video captures of intros created by others. Join the group and share your video captures there too.

I also have other scene related videos available on my site as well as video captures of original cracktros, bbstros and invtros that were created and released by SAC between 1994 and 2005. You might want to check out those collections too. Enjoy!

Carsten aka Roy of Superior Art Creations


OSDM (Oldskool Demomaker) 3D Object Tool

Free VOBJLib + TOOLs and Gallery (current version is V1.0.4.0 (beta) (August 15, 2011))

The Main page with details and features moved: OSDM (Oldskool Demomaker) 3D Object Tool

Get the Latest Version of the VOBJLib:     Download

Other OSDM (Oldskool Demomaker) Tools and Data Collections

  • OSDM Vector Text Tool 1.0 (601 KB) A little tool written by myself to create vector text objects in VOBJ format for the use with OSDM. The text is generated based on pre-defined vector font templates. Also included is a tool to create new vector font templates on your own.

  • Frame Animation PNG 2 Frame Images Converter Tool (77 KB) is a little tool that I wrote myself in PureBasic that is now also part of Testaware's FAC - Frame Animation Creator tool for OSDM (now even part of OSDM itself in the "Tools" tab), which allows you to create horizontal and vertical frame animation PNG images out of individual PNG images. It lets you do the exact opposite, split up a frame animation PNG into individual PNG images for every frame. Note: My little tool does not work for block frame animations that were introduced with OSDM v2.23.401

  • Vertical/Horizontal 2 Blockwise Frame Animation Batch Converter Tool (116 KB) - Converter for Oldskool Demomaker Frame Animations that were created for OSDM Versions prior V2.23.401. Until V2.23.401 SPRITE and BOUNCER Effects used "Horizontal" Frame Animations and the LOGO Effect "Vertical" Frame Animations. Since V2.23.401 all Effects ONLY use "Blockwise" Frame Animations. Blockwise Animations have up-to 8 Frames next to each other on the X-Axis.The Number of Frames "per Line" (Y-Axis) depends on the total number of frames (e.G. NumFrames / 8 .. Rounded up to the next full Integer). Blockwise Animations Require the Suffix _Bxx in the File Name where xx stands for the number of Frames. The Tool only supports Frame Animations in PNG, BMP and JPG Format.The GIF Format is unfortunately not Supported.

  • OSDM Image Linker Tool V1.0.0.4 by Bobo (344 KB) = another tool to create horizontal or vertical frame animations from a list of individual and identical size images (preverable named in a sequence of numbers). Another cool feature: conversion of Animated-Gifs to frame animations!

  • My VOBJ Collection 4 (2.0 MB), which only contains OSDM Vector Objects (but a whopping 550+ of them), no 3D Balls and no Animations.

  • My VOBJ Collection 5 (12.7 MB), which only contains hundreds more OSDM Vector Objects, no 3D Balls and no Animations. Also included in this release are the latest version of my VOBJ Tool, my VOBJ Viewer, the Vector Font Tool and a Beta of my VOBJ Editor Tool, which is based on the Dex3D Engine for Visual Basic.

  • My VOBJ Collection 6 (11.8 MB), over 1300 objects and several tools, cleaned up and better sorted than the previous versions of my collection.

  • My Scene Fonts Collection Vol1.1 (37 MB). Contains hundreds of ready to use fonts (32x32, 16x16 and 8x8 pixels) for Oldskool Demomaker.

  • OSDM Script Cheat Sheet (PDF / 284KB) updated for V2.21.274

  • .OSDM Script File Definition for EditPad Pro (Syntax highlighting (OSDM2.jgcscs)

  • OSDM Settings Save Script - script that creates a structured backup of PREFS ".INI" for an OSDM demo production with all (actually enabled and used) resources.


OSDM (Oldskool Demomaker) Related Resources

Also check out the Downloads and Links Sections of my site. It refers to a bunch of scene repositories and archives where you can find even more stuff.